Our Idea

Imagine you could virtually visit any location on earth and visualize its quality of life.
Interacting with a world map and a comprehensive list of categories you can quickly
identify an issue in your local community or area of expertise in need of resolution.

Also imagine that this application is powered by valid, scientific data, gathered by
the academic community and journalists. This powerful information - displayed
simply and visually - would have the power to stir the world’s energy to help
minimize common threats to humanity’s survival and well-being and, ideally,
reverse decades of environmental degradation, conflict and disease.

The role of the Resolution Institute will be to provide this data visualization and a
problem-solving platform to the masses. Through the development of our database,
HUE: Humanity Uniting Effectively, we will have the power to unite efforts to
effectively improve our local and global communities and see scientific evidence of
improvement over time.

With your help, the Resolution Institute will do this by providing collaborative skills training and an action-oriented
database -- HUE: Humanity Uniting Effectively. This database will identify world issues and display credible information
about related topics.

Our Vision

Humanity Uniting Effectively

Our Mission

The Resolution Institute has a mission to help world citizens and organizations identify, prioritize and collaboratively resolve issues in most need of improvement, locally and globally. Through our online community HUE, Humanity Uniting Effectively, we integrate scientific data visualization with a proven problem-solving methodology. This platform provides humanity with a bottom-up strategy to effectively and sustainably improve our world’s wellbeing.